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Danny Onionz provided a new single, "ON THE DAILY (feat. WESTSIDE BOOGIE)"

In a hip-hop culture that is often devoid of authenticity and content, where lyrics and the ability to story-tell are fleeting in the presence of the next popular trends and artists, Danny Onionz’s newest release, “ON THE DAILY”, featuring a verse from the incomparable WESTSIDE BOOGIE, breathes new fresh air into a genre that is becoming increasingly diluted. “ON THE DAILY” is immaculate in its intro, a piano swaggering in syncopation along a light drum clap, and introducing what is to be a ride that is both soul-stirring and thought provoking.

If there’s anything the past year has shown us, it’s that rap is still a genre for writing song-stories — about politics, about street violence, about the nuances of people trying to get by. In a rather shallow genre where most artists tend to celebrate the surface rather than what lies beneath it, the track “ON THE DAILY” provides its listeners a deep dive. With a sincere homage to the late Mac Miller, one might even say the taste is the perfect word to describe “ON THE DAILY”. The track from Danny Onionz, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, is one that also pays homage to their own lives, feelings of depression, anxiety or being a slave to the 9-5. The video, shot by APJ Films in iconic backdrops in Los Angeles and Chicago, is a visual journey that perfectly portrays the song's roller-coaster theme and the dichotomy that exists in both cities. APJ's work with Chicago legends shines through adding a level of authenticity to the video that is all too often lacking from modern-day hip hop visuals. The credit for Danny Onionz’s incredible wordplay and storytelling falls directly at the feet of his greatest influences –hip-hop legends Rakim, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac Miller. “ON THE DAILY” shows the track resonates simultaneously with the past and the present. While it’s aged like fine wine, there is still a bouncy new pair of eyes aided by the light of a neon sign, letting all the flavors blossom —just like hip hop. In a world obsessed with surface level attention and clout, Danny Onionz & WESTSIDE BOOGIE have crafted a hip-hop masterpiece that profoundly rises above most hip-hop records of 2021 with their song “ON THE DAILY”, delivering a deeply personalized, sincere, and heartfelt record that evokes every emotion to the core, “ON THE DAILY” is not just a record, but a reflection of our everyday struggles and a reminder that we endure and triumph together. An ode to the purest form of Hip-hop that brings chills to your spine, a record that will pull you in deep into a whirlwind of every imaginable emotion.

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Danny Onionz provided a new single, "ON THE DAILY (feat. WESTSIDE BOOGIE)" Danny Onionz provided a new single, "ON THE DAILY (feat. WESTSIDE BOOGIE)" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 19, 2023 Rating: 5

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