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"Noé Solange provided a captivating single, "Wilting"

Noé Solange's latest single "Wilting" is a collection of sounds that takes a personal and observing journey through vulnerability and strength. With a minimalistic instrumental being swallowed by a beautiful vocal arrangement.

A stark contrast to the vociferous verdancy in “Bloom,” “Wilting” is an introspective and moody narrative that is all about the metaphorical notion of feeling as though you have wilting petals fall off of your body at the pace of the tears that run down the weary face of a heartbroken romantic who found solace at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey. Nevertheless, there is an unmistakable optimism sewn throughout these lyrics as Arlo suggests that there is potential to cater to your own plight, even if it's in moments of despair.

'Vocals are, as ever, a highlight. Noé's voice is a thing of delicate beauty: here, smothered in velvet, emanating from the soft spot behind your stereo and shadowing the sentiments of her protagonist, the lonely girl looking out on a whirling world.'

Noé's talent lies in juxtaposing the highly produced electronic sounds against a very organic, natural backdrop that resembles her work in the film world. Noé's “fanmade” videos have always had that perfect melody between decaying aspects of the “natural” vs. the electronic aspects of the “artificial”.

The song not only showcases the strength of Noé's vocals but also how well she can tell a story. The narrative within the music video can be interpreted any way you choose, and the lyrics invite many different reads. While the verses are very straightforward, they address the recurring pattern of pressure and how we fix ourselves, the topic of sprouting even with weakness and trouble.

A sonic fortune, "Wilting" is a staggering cut of elective pop set to an impactful message. Noé Solange's capacity to pull at the heartstrings with her music is very much sharpened, making this an unquestionable necessity for any individual who needs to go on a melodic rollercoaster through the harmony between weakness and strength.

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"Noé Solange provided a captivating single, "Wilting"  "Noé Solange provided a captivating single, "Wilting" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 27, 2023 Rating: 5

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