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Pronto Valid delivered a hard-hitting single, "TEAM"

This new song TEAM by Pronto Valid is a total jam that'll get ya pumped up real good.  When you're working out or playing sports or just need a boost, this track is chock full of musical adrenaline that'll get you moving fast.  

It starts out chill with some spacey vocals and synth pads building up the suspense.  but then the beat drops HARD and a big fat synth kicks in along with PaulyTrilla spitting bars fiercely like a machine gun. and  Pronto Valid and PaulyTrilla together make a supercharged musical combo that grabs your attention and wont let go!

The lyrics are about the struggles we go through everyday and wanting to keep hope alive.  Pronto Valid sings about his faith being tested alot but he keeps persevering no matter what happens.  It's real inspiring to hear.  

This song mixes together a bunch of genres - rap, hip-hop, trap emo rap, etc.  It creates a unique sound that's hype and deep at the same time.  TEAM is a must-add song to your playlists cuz it's got something for everybody with the intensity and meaningful words.  

Overall this track by Pronto Valid has serious energy and vibe that gets me amped up to take on the world! Its my new gym jam for sure.

CLICK HERE TO STREAM | Pronto Valid's "TEAM" on Spotify.

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Pronto Valid delivered a hard-hitting single, "TEAM" Pronto Valid delivered a hard-hitting single, "TEAM" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 20, 2023 Rating: 5

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