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Reinhard Zwisler (DJ Connery) provided a slowcore single, "Someone"

Through the moniker of DJ Connery, Reinhard Zwisler has produced a sensibly tender ballad in "Someone." The Slowcore Indie tune takes on a narrative that elicits an emotional experience fueled by a burning night's encounter with a woman of intrigue; it is a musical escapade that is both engrossing and engaging.

To enhance his lyric’s deeper meanings Zwisler carefully manipulates his vocal delivery to adapt to the music he is performing. The cadences in his vocals are a perfect fit for the prevalent, eerie backdrop of the music. Another one of Zwislers voices great characteristics is its resonant melodic elements. His voice takes on ghost-like properties that keep your attention holstered in what he is singing about. 

The almost innocent angelic-like vocal delivery Zwisler exudes is remarkable. Also, it is a perfect match for the purity of his signature lyrics. His powerful ghostly voice brings life to melody-central lyrics. It’s his voice that has the power to invite the listener into the center of the story. 

The production for "Someone" is awesome, the blending of the Indie Rock and Country genres is done in an articulate way that not a lot of artists are able to capture. The narrative of the song is perfectly complimented by the production. It takes the listener on a sonic journey that just rocks the fucks out the whole time. It's soft and quiet while still managing to sinuously carry the listener through the highs and lows that make up the emotional landscape of this beautiful song.

Reinhard Zwisler has a wide variety of music that he enjoys playing and listening to, his music on 'Someone', is a mix of Indie Pop, alternative pop, and classic rock. Knowing that he is achieving his goal of becoming DJ Connery on “Someone” shows his versatility. 

DJ Connery has a way with music even when everything he’s doing hits the same note. His style is changing and the way that he sees and perceives music is changing and starting to come into its being. The music on "Someone" is another step towards being a great artist and it shows that there is no true limit to the emotional pain that you can pour onto words of a song.

In the age of musical over-saturation, “Someone” is a beautiful breath of fresh emotionally engrossing air. DJ Connery offers up a beautifully emotive performance and easy but genuine lyrics and songwriting—a signature of his artistry. It is a musically naked production, making it a gem in the Slowcore Indie niche. It’s a prime addition to your playlist.

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Reinhard Zwisler (DJ Connery) provided a slowcore single, "Someone" Reinhard Zwisler (DJ Connery) provided a slowcore single, "Someone" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 31, 2023 Rating: 5

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