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Draumr shared a new single, "Some Other Night"

Paris-based producer and artist Gabriel Cheurfa's ever-enigmatic, solo project, Draumr, warmly invites you to follow him on an electric journey through the release of his dazzling single “Some Other Night.” A mesmerising blend of power pop meets glam: a new, brave direction for the Draumr sound. 
A musical revelation.

Drop into the enigmatic allure of “Some Other Night,” the latest from Inner Wave. Draped in the same sonic sensuousness as The Weeknd with a nod to glam-rock legends like Billy Idol, “Some Other Night” is a complex emotional landscape. Each note keeps you on your toes whisking you into an ethereal world where time and emotion overlap in pure ecstasy.

Derived from the Old Norse word for 'dream', Draumr as Cheurfa calls it, crafts a dreamscape that is equal parts mystifying and enthralling. The witch house-meets-dream pop, downtempo, and chillwave have the affectation of otherworldliness that pulls one further into the ghosts of memories that may or may not exist.

With its enchanting visuals to go along that you are met with, as the song plays is an experience that will certainly sway your emotions. These visuals are outlandishly amazing and out of this world, reminiscing the surrealistic feel when watching a film created by David Lynch, Michel Gondry, or something from the dynamic duo of Salvador Dalí and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It is here the music meets the visuals as friends; the two pairings being the bedrock to you're your most real, sorrowful dreams in sleepover to console you in life, your memories passed, and your painful dreams now.

In "Some Other Night, Draumr manages to truthfully highlight the emotional exploration power that music possesses. This trance, piece of art would not only attract you with the first catchy glam-pop sounds but also take you back to this flood of feelings you once had, this carousel of souvenirs. It's an obvious, great pop shot you will probably not come over easily.

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Draumr shared a new single, "Some Other Night" Draumr shared a new single, "Some Other Night" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 28, 2023 Rating: 5

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