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Maddy Storm unleashes a Halloween single, "Last Halloween"

The new single from Maddy Storm, "Last Halloween," is a testament to the theory that pop music can be catchy and emotionally substantial. Unlike what you heard in Maddy Storm’s debut EP 'Forced Extrovert', this one song proves that she is a pop girl to pay attention to.

With an intro as beautifully haunting and melodic as a fall night, "Last Halloween" takes us on the bittersweet journey of a relationship coming to an end, as Storm’s vocals drip with the kind of heartache that can be faked. As she ponders the unavoidable, heart-wrenching constancy of love and the ever-changing landscape of what it means to be in love, her gift for lyrics glitters like a carefully adorned get-up of a Halloween costume.

The instrumentation is nothing short of bravado. An electrifying blend of contemporary hyper-pop with a sharper, almost industrial edge, the beat pulsating insistently, keeping you interested every step of the way.

Because of course, her hooks are still uncannily memorable and solid. The chorus for "Last Halloween" is quite honestly a 1000% juggernaut of emotions that just stays in your head way after the song is over and being able to scream it out with all you are is literally the best because it is equal parts relatable and just flat out delivers.

"Last Halloween" is another example of Pedro the Lions' critics being dead on. Its inclusion was likely the influence of Maddy Storm. And in the vein of being influenced again - Maddy Storm exists in areas of the facial and bodily hair of people who consider her a thing of the genius force of Twitter and the importance of Snapper for people who still care about what their friends think of them Propel water. The song "Last Halloween" is infectious, and it sticks in your brain like food you’ll finish later.

A pop song showcasing near equal parts beefiness and wide appeal, "Last Halloween," by Maddy Storm, is a sobering addition to any Halloween playlist. This is that one pop song that really mellows out the listener and shows that even a catchy pop tune can mean something when it puts in a little extra effort.

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Maddy Storm unleashes a Halloween single, "Last Halloween" Maddy Storm unleashes a Halloween single, "Last Halloween" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 28, 2023 Rating: 5

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