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Jxckson provided an empowering single, "Save Yourself"

 “Save Yourself” is an intensive bass song about finding yourself and who you are by Jxckson. Not only is this a song, but the lyrics “Save Yourself” are a manifesto for saving yourself from whatever wat is suffocating you! This is one of those tracks that are not just another pop song, it is chilling and fresh, with an uncanny “break-all-boundaries” vibe off it.

The intro of the song would give you a very creepy field full of violins heightening your intention and giving an uncanny vibe. It follows it after the buildup of the song It is cure to hear how the bassline is immediately made out with bold and reverberating that is slightly girl hypnotic and the main vocalists make this song stand out. Jxckson’s use of eerie violin samples creates an immediately unsettling vibe on “Save Yourself,” his bass-heavy journey into the world of self-discovery and self-empowerment is something captivating.

As the song goes on, Jxckson starts with some bad guy monologues in the background telling the listeners to save themselves, showing how Jxckson wants to keep pushing himself to find his track and to evolve again into something new and showing one of the things that could happen if Jxckson accepted conforming to what society expected of him and not being his own man.

Jxckson wants to know who he is and wants to invest some love into himself. He wants to be invested and to invest and love, his lyrics and vocal performance on the track are impassioned. "Save Yourself" is a journey into self-love and self-care and it is in Jxckson’s Lyrics and vocal performances.

“Save Yourself” is more than just a song, it has a powerful statement attached to it. It’s your reminder that love yourself, not matter the bizarre you may be, and if you care who you are or where you came from others will too. Jxckson knows that to save himself was to love him(which he did) and become love to thousands of people.

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Jxckson provided an empowering single, "Save Yourself" Jxckson provided an empowering single, "Save Yourself" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 30, 2023 Rating: 5

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