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Connor Desai shared a new chill trap single, "Forever"

Connor Desai has been on the steady rise since releasing her debut single “Forever”. The song is a beautiful and an eclectic sound that you won’t be able to walk away from. But good luck increasing your volume sorry we had a bit of a technical difficulty.

The pairing of Connor’s velvety vocals, jazz-tinged guitar work, and poignant lyrics help make “Forever” a sonic gem. Co-produced by Brad Dale, who has previously worked with Drama, Solange, and Andre 3000, this track is a hypnotic masterpiece.

What's so magical about "Forever" that keeps taking listeners exploring through the dreamy soundscape? On the crossroads of the chilling trap's downtempo allure and the strong emotional power of folk lies a marvelous composition that's both calming and reflective.

The choral line has a very buttercream melody to it and is really catchy. It’s one of those lines that you’ll be humming long after you’ve finished your first listen-through, and it’s a testament to the infectious charm of the line.

The Netflix series "The One" needed an artist to feature for this sci-fi meets modern-day love story, Connor Desai. Also, when the SXSW Feature Length Film "Deadland" needed someone to create the killer soundtrack for the high concept mind heist action thriller, luckily Desai was up to the task. Clearly, this young cat is doing something right, and "Forever" her latest release, is another glimmering example of not only amazing-sounding pop but also moving pop.

It’s artists like Connor Desai that make you hopeful for the future of music. The highly talented young artist has been working with producer Brad Dale and writing some amazing evocative melodies that I am sure have every label knocking at his door. Connor is destined to make his mark on the music industry. “Forever” is the selling point and it's perfect for those long summer nights hopefully it will be in your playlist well.

CLICK HERE TO STREAM | Connor Desai's "Forever" on Spotify.

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Connor Desai shared a new chill trap single, "Forever" Connor Desai shared a new chill trap single, "Forever" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 30, 2023 Rating: 5

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