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Velour Fog provided a rock revelation single, "Dopehead"

Stems of the rush of their newest single "Dopehead" comes Velour Fog. In today's vast world of rock, Velour Fog should not be undermined with the release of the UK-base quartet's most recent single "Dopehead". Following their debut, 'Black Babylon.' "Dopehead" not only reinstalls huge hope for the band's growing career but also confirms their potential to bring a new era of rock.

'Dopehead' is a balance of lyrical genius with a full-on assault of high-speed rock 'n' roll. As soon as you press play you're immediately thrown into a churning vortex of pounding riffs the likes of which make your eardrums sizzle, guitar licks that scream with sizzling energy, and a drum beat that feels like you've been slapped repeatedly across the face-nicely. Out front, leader snakebite channels influences from the greats with his lightning-quick guitar skills whilst simultaneously delivering a vocal of piercing intensity.

When a band like Velour Fog gets on the radar of veteran rock music producer Nick Tauber; known for his work with such rock legends as Thin Lizzy, UFO, and even Def Leppard, you know with extraordinary confidence that Velour Fog is upholding rock's long tradition of pushing into uncharted territories while still maintaining the core of what rock truly is.

"Dopehead" isn't simply another single; it's a statement of purpose, reinforcing Velour Fog as true rock soldiers proving that the heart and soul of rock music are alive and bellowing in their experienced hands. "Dopehead" has been crafted by Velour Fog to be the next rock and roll revelation; 3 minutes of intense and moreish rock music that's yours to be addicted to. Imagine a name that you will never forget and a sound that you will hear again and again; that's Velour Fog and that's "Dopehead".

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Velour Fog provided a rock revelation single, "Dopehead" Velour Fog provided a rock revelation single, "Dopehead" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 28, 2023 Rating: 5

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