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KHi dropped a captivating single, "Over"

"Over," the new single by KHi, is a profound example of how a song can move anyone when it’s done right. It’s the way the music is combined with the singer actually meaning the words they are saying that makes this song so unforgettable. KHi effortlessly takes the listener through something everyone has had to deal with, feeling so much anger and such a need for something you fear you will do something stupid.

The listener will find with the opening chords of the song that KHi is no ordinary musician; rather, he is a narrator. The eerie melodies and the overall production perfectly complement what the artist so openly talks about. The listener can put himself completely in KHi’s shoes. The listener will recognize and practically feel the vulnerability in this song and this line strikes hard, especially for anyone who has gone through their fair share of emotional difficulty.

Not merely the ability to appeal at the heartstrings but the sheer genius in KHi’s music as an all-encompassing artist first breaking on the scene at just 13, KHi displays his talents in ‘Over’s’ beat-making, recording, mixing, and even mastering. KHi’s level of control in its creative process adds a level of authenticity and passion to its recording/ability which is all the more remarkable given the fact KHi himself was but 13.

While the male genre of music is under the list that “over” belongs to, the song speaks to a wide variety of listeners due to its themes and lyrics that are all too similar in everyone's life who chooses to even listen to a song. in every which makes the song to be broadcast, anyone who matters wants it to be listened to due to KHi’s artistry in all aspects of the song that demands listening.

To encompass, the single "Over" made by the artist KHi is known to be a very powerful and deep song that the artist himself expressed with his experience that he has had and he has been able to share with his fans the music. The Song "Over" as the listeners and fans have stated is a unique piece of his work. The Song "Over" is a raw piece of work and is an upcoming song not heard I recommend anybody to listen to KHj and why not start with this song “Over” to get you with an idea of how captivating and how his music is genuine.

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KHi dropped a captivating single, "Over" KHi dropped a captivating single, "Over" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 30, 2023 Rating: 5



  2. This is mad collaboration


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