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CozyClyde released a lifestyle single, "Stylist"

CozyClyde, an up-and-coming artist rooted in Hip-Hop and R&B, releases his latest single “Stylist”. His new offering isn't an ode to fashion, despite the misleading title, but rather a heartfelt musical love letter. Sometimes, two souls are shared in an ethereal manner via a lifestyle that can lead to meaningful connections. “Stylist” is that profound connection.

Whereas a term like “stylist” might be something you'd look up in an old-fashioned dictionary, Cozy creates a musical narrative for the term; the term is Cozy Clyde's nickname for his girlfriend and is a term of endearment that refers to the love he has for her because she is his soul mate, his lady, the one that just plain complements him like no one else. It's not just about clothes - it's about the art of life!

Authentic is the definition, this track is based off of CozyClyde's genuine gratitude, and admiration for his partner and how they are gratitude for how hard she works and does everything around the house this track has CozyClyde speaking with his melodic smooth lyrical flow over a soothing and groovy melodic voice sampled track. This track is the best way to explain this type of genuine women love and ride kind of women.

CozyClyde is the very definition of someone doing what they love..and consistently at that. Born and raised in the music business, his footsteps in music began at a young age and he has only flourished since then. Working hand in hand with numerous artists, mix engineers, and producers: this is the result.

When "Stylist" drops, you're getting a slice of Cozy's soul. Not just music but a statement of love, the appreciation of his number 1, a reminder that your partner is your stylist no matter where you go in life

"Stylist" is a blend of heartfelt words and a soul-touching melody that makes us feel how important is true partnership. It is like a tribute to those people who are our backbone standing by our side and giving each and beauty to life.

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CozyClyde released a lifestyle single, "Stylist" CozyClyde released a lifestyle single, "Stylist" Reviewed by LyricalOdyssey on October 30, 2023 Rating: 5

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